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RCP: TPP Not About Trade

Dick Morris published “TPP Not About Trade” in Real Clear Politics:

The Trans-Pacific Partnership has nothing to do with trade. While it officially embraces 12 countries plus the U.S., 76 percent of our trade with the 12 is with Mexico and Canada, already covered by NAFTA. Any growth exports is likely to have been already covered by NAFTA, making the TPP irrelevant to our trade relations.

TPP is nothing but an effort by the globalists to circumvent American sovereignty, transferring a host of issues from the control of the U.S. Congress and the various state legislatures to international trade courts.

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CEPR: TPP is in trouble, thanks to public interest

The public debate over the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership has been a lot more robust and educational than the one that preceded the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement more than two decades ago. During that fight, then-Washington Post editorial page editor Meg Greenfield didn’t see a problem with a six-to-one ratio of space for pro- vs. anti-NAFTA editorials. “On this rare occasion when columnists of the left, right, and middle are all in agreement … I don’t believe it is right to create an artificial balance where none exists.”

Today there are more economists in the news debunking the arguments put forth to promote the TPP, and this has contributed to the collapse of some of these talking points.

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Kings County Politics: Ortiz Trans Pacific Trade Agreement

Sunset Park Assemblyman and Assistant Speaker Felix Ortiz, yesterday, announced his opposition to fast tracking the massive international trade agreement known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The TPP is currently being negotiated by the United States and many Pacific Rim countries. While it is a federal matter, Ortiz is introducing a resolution in the assembly asking Congress to reject the fast track legislation for the trade agreement. If passed, the resolution will be forwarded to members of the New York State Congressional delegation.

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Joseph Stiglitz: How Trade Agreements Amount to a Secret Corporate Takeover

The United States and the world are engaged in a great debate about new trade agreements. Such pacts used to be called “free-trade agreements”; in fact, they were managed trade agreements, tailored to corporate interests, largely in the US and the European Union. Today, such deals are more often referred to as “partnerships,”as in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). But they are not partnerships of equals: the US effectively dictates the terms. Fortunately, America’s “partners” are becoming increasingly resistant.

From How Trade Agreements Amount to a Secret Corporate Takeover by Joseph Stiglitz.

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Politico: I’ve Read Obama’s Secret Trade Deal. Elizabeth Warren Is Right to Be Concerned.

The public criticisms of the TPP have been vague. That’s by design— anyone who has read the text of the agreement could be jailed for disclosing its contents. I’ve actually read the TPP text provided to the government’s own advisors, and I’ve given the president an earful about how this trade deal will damage this nation. But I can’t share my criticisms with you.

I can tell you that Elizabeth Warren is right about her criticism of the trade deal.

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How to take action again TPP Fast Track with Citizens Trade Campaign

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate delivered an important symbolic blow to Fast Track by voting down a procedural motion to prevent its filibuster.  It’s time now to urge both chambers of Congress to oppose Fast Track itself. As you know, Fast Track would allow dangerous trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to be rushed through Congress, circumventing ordinary review, amendment and debate procedures.  It is essentially a rubber-stamp for the TPP and other trade deals that threaten jobs, wages, the environment and more in our communities and throughout the world.

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Gillibrand Publicly Opposes Fast Track

This is breaking news that has not yet gotten widespread media coverage. 

Gillibrand has come out against Fast Track and TPA. In Politico published this on 5/6:

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s office told POLITICO on Tuesday that the New York Democrat would vote ‘no’ on TPA. “She has serious concerns about it and about how previous trade deals have been implemented, many of which have had negative long-term impacts on Upstate New York manufacturing jobs,” her spokeswoman, Lauren Passalacqua, said in an email. published Schumer: No TPP trade deal without crackdown on Chinese currency manipulation:

“Senator Gillibrand will not support this fast-track proposal,” said Marc Brumer, a spokesman for the senator. “She has serious concerns about it and about how previous trade deals have been implemented, many of which have had negative long-term impacts on Upstate New York manufacturing jobs.”

Both New York Senators have joined many New York Congressional representatives and the NY City Council in opposing Fast Track approval of TPP.

Europe Online Magazine mentions Coop position on Fast Track

Europe Online Magazine has an article on TTIP here. The article mentions the coop position on Fast Track:

Susan Metz, a representative of the Brooklyn-based Park Slope Food Co-op, an independent grocery store with 16,400 members, spoke out against a bill currently working its way through the US Congress that would fast-track decisions on trade treaties. The trade promotion authority would allow Congress to approve or veto trade deals as a whole on a single vote.

Metz complained that the legislation would allow Congress to quickly pass the trade deal, which she called a “world law in favour of investors at the expense of everybody else.”

“Our position at the co-op is ‘no fast-track’ – this has to be studied, there’s no hurry,” Metz told dpa.

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How Fast Tracked Trade Deals Will Redesign Our Food Landscape— And Not in a Good Way!

By Alison Rose Levy
Originally published in the Linewaiters Gazette Vol. JJ, n. 7 (April 12, 2015)

Have you heard of Fast Track and the TPP and TTIP? Chances are that you have, thanks to the excellent work by the Coop’s International Trade Education Squad (ITES). Formed at the General Meeting in September 2014, the Squad has been educating Coop members about the significant concerns about “Fast Track,” and the coming trade agreements through blogs, reports in the Linewaiters’ Gazette, and six public forums held in the Coop—with more to come in April.

“There has been inadequate media reporting on Fast Track and these treaties. Continue reading