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Popular Resistance: TPP Too Big To Succeed? Public Opposition Joins In Weighing the TPP Down

Many reports say that TPP is dead, but Popular Resistance published an article that is not so sanguine. Read more analysis in “TPP Too Big To Succeed? Public Opposition Joins In Weighing the TPP Down:

Note: The chief economist of The Economist – a pro-trade publication, Simon Baptistis, is pronouncing that theTPP is dead. We don’t agree, while we are pleased to see supporters viewing the TPP as dead because of unsolveable disputes between nations, we see things differently. Mackenzie McDonald Wilkins a trade and climate organizer who works with us put it well in an email discussing this article:

This reminds me of when people thought Fast Track was dead a few days before it was passed. Everything that I have heard suggests that negotiators are gearing up for another round as soon as possible and that they will likely, but not surely, try to squeeze the deal in before US elections get too hot and after Canadian elections in October. I also think the author is misinformed when suggesting that the big multinationals are not fighting for this tooth and nail when we just saw them donate hundreds of millions of dollars to pass Fast Track. They know how central this is to their ability to continue their economic domination but they certainly don’t want this public so one of our roles is to raise the issue in every way possible including in election season!

Hopefully we will be able to get together mass action this fall to push TPP to the tipping point where we can actually stop the world’s most powerful corporations in their tracks and put forward an alternative model of global politics and economy!

Read the full article here.


A response to “more trade is always good”

Campaign for America’s Future addresses the constant refrain “trade is good” as a defense of TPP in “When Trade Theories Confront The Real World, The Real World Wins:”

I had a conversation over the weekend about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). She’s for it, because “more trade is always good.”

TPP covers a whole lot more than what we would think of as “trade.” Regardless, let’s look here at the idea that expanding trade is always good.

Trade Is Good

Trade is good. We all at the very least trade our time for our pay. We might make or grow or draw or write something that we sell (trade) for money. Trade is basic.

But how we trade always makes a difference. If we trade our time and get paid too little, is that a good thing because it was a “trade”? Obviously the way trade gets done – the rules/policies that are in place – makes all the difference. So the question to consider is whether our current international trade policies as applied under our current economic order a good thing or a bad thing for We the People of the United States.

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Public Citizen: Obama Hype About a TPP Vote in 2015 Does Not Match Fast Track Timelines

Public Citizen published this PDF that shows that the TPP deal schedule is workable:

TPP proponents are eager for Congress to vote on a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal in late 2015. But to do so, given Fast Track’s statutorily-required timeframe of notice periods and pre-vote reports, TPP negotiations – and the TPP text itself – must be completed by the end of July. If notice to Congress of intent to sign the TPP were sent by August 1, a final TPP vote could be held the last week Congress is in session in December.

Read full article here in PDF format.