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NO TPP Tuesday



Part the mission of ITES is to recommend action. We recommend that each of us individually join the international campaign to defeat the TPP by coordinating with a national effort;

Targets: Sen. Chuck Schumer & Hillary Clinton

Tactics: Send the same message in two directions via any channel

  1. Communicate with two influential swing Democrats with a presence in Brooklyn

    Senator Chuck Schumer lives at 9 Prospect Park West, Bklyn 11215
    His office: 780 Third Avenue #2301 NYC

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign office 1 Pierpont Plaza Bklyn 11201
    Personal office: Tower #45 120 W 45 St #27 NYC

    She lives in Chappaqua, Westchester County

  2. Involve two others also: family, neighbors, friends, colleagues, comrades, community organization, labor union, congregation, class, book group, political party, Coop squad Other


Via any channel:

social media, surface mail, email, phone, neighborhood bulletin board, sign in the window, leaflet on the subway, posters, personal drop-in visit to the office, go with a delegation, rally, street theater, letter to the editor of the Gazette or other publication.

Schedule: Tuesday

Three reliable sources of information:



Choose a topic that moves you:

Like a chapter of the trade agreement The full text in legalese is available on line. For a summary and analysis see the above sites;

Or the resistance to TPP here, the resistance in another TPP country, impact on a signatory country of NAFTA, DR-CAFTA or a bi-lateral free trade agreement partner; progress of negotiations on other corporate investor assaults on sovereignty and democracy: TTIP with the EU or TSA Other

This action links us to the national campaign for individual action to convince congress members, particularly House members, to vote against TPP. Sen. Schumer and Hillary Clinton are so influential that their clear and firm opposition to the agreement can free Democrats under pressure from the administration and offers from the corporations to vote NO andfollow their constituents.

Join NO TPP Tuesday Start Humble Get Massive

The delegation from Brooklyn in the House of Representatives has held together against Fast Track and are declared against TPP. Let’s thank them whenever we have an opportunity and ask them to step forward with more leadership. NYC voted to be TPP in May with our councilmembers in the lead. Thank them. Jesse Hamilton (State Senate District 20) initiated a ‘Dear Colleague’ letter in the NY State Senate opposing TPP as an attack on sovereignty and democracy. He found 16 signators as of this writing. Thank Jesse.

Fast Track won by 5 votes in the House. A powerful coalition of labor, health, human rights, environmental, faith, community and political groups are engaged in stopping TPP. When the agreement is defeated, we will work to pass a Fair Trade Agreement that will facilitate commerce to benefit populations and the planet and the future.

Check the cited websites and our blog regularly for updates about the TPP text, resistance locally, nationally and internationally as well as the various campaigns in which you are encouraged to participation.

After over 5 years of secret negotiations, on November 5th, the text of the 30 chapter TPP was finally released to congress and to us. Only 7 chapters refer to traditional trade issues. Advocacy groups pounced to analyze the implications. They report that the proposals are even more extreme than anticipated.

“The TPP is a massive piece of legislation, and it has been negotiated in secret. This is secret government. And, then to Fast Track the over 1,000 pages of legislation through Congress with an up-or-down vote is reason enough to reject the TPP. This process is a radical change in how our Constitution and legislative process has worked in the past. It is a radical change in the theory of how our government is supposed to work. If the TPP is so good for us, giving us the benefits of jobs and whatnot, then why the rush it through Congress? The question answers itself. The TPP is not good for people.”

—Paul Peloquin, retired legal services attorney, local activist


Many chapters would dangerously impact campaigns that we have long supported—protecting land, water and air from fracking, supporting local agriculture through Buy Local, inspecting imports to uphold food safety regulations, labeling GMO foods and country of origin so consumers know the source of what we eat and feed our families.

Many other policies that could not pass congress are written into the TPP – like extending patent protections on pharmaceuticals that would prevent competition from generics which allows for manufacturing in developing countries and lowers drug prices, ability to access information on the internet.

The most radical proposal that would pass in this package is the establishment of a private corporate tribunal—Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). A corporation would be entitled to sue an elected government for passing a law or regulation which limits their ability to make money, investors want to eliminate risk. They consider profit their ‘right. That tribunal could award penalties of taxpayer money if the corporate lawyers acting as judges decide the regulation has interfered with investors making the profits they expect.

Extensive information and links to more information about the TPP at