About Us

Welcome! We are the International Trade Education Squad (ITES) of the Park Slope Food Coop. The ITES was formed to keep members informed about on-going international trade negotiations and how trade agreements affect our ability to maintain our values and realize the goals of the Park Slope Food Coop as put forward in our Mission Statement:

“We try to lead by example, educating ourselves and others about health and nutrition, cooperation and the environment…We seek to avoid products that depend upon the exploitation of others…We strive to reduce the impact of our lifestyles on the world we share with other species and future generations…”

To understand how international trade agreements are reached and the policies that trade agreements require that we accept, we agree to take responsibility to study and bring to Coop members information for discussion that can lead to individual and/or collective action.

ITES Members

  • Susan Metz (Squad co-leader and emeritus member)
  • Willy Naess (Squad co-leader)
  • Bart DeCoursy
  • Gerardo Renique (emeritus member)
  • Chris Marshall
  • Sarah Westlake
  • Jen Epstein
  • Helen Beichel

How the ITES was founded

About Our Process

7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Jennie Spector says:

    If you have an email list I’d like to be added.


  2. Ilyana says:

    Hi there! It’s Ilyana and Barb from the Environmental Committee of PSFC. We attended your meeting back in October at Ethical Culture. Does Susan have a contact email?
    If so please send to ecokvetch@yahoo.com that’s our committee’s email. We want to touch base about next steps for any collaborations between committees.


  3. Allan Schoening says:

    Hello – I’m interested in joining the ITES committee. How can I? Please feel free to email me : aes07@yahoo.com Thank you. Allan Schoening


    • coop ITES says:

      Hi Allen, Are you a member of the Co Op looking to join a work squad? If not, we are having an Open Call for our production of SWEAT. We are looking for actors, but also interested people to do administrative tasks, usher, work on designing the program etc. If this interests you please come to the open call, Monday September 16th from 6-9 at the Irondale Theatre in Fort Greene Brooklyn


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